Wedding Gowns & Dresses Cleaned and Preserved

It could be the most meaningful garment you will ever purchase or be it the designer bespoke clothing you possess. We at Panorama Cleaners, will make sure our upmost attention is given, making sure every detail of your precious item is examined and treated delicately and with care.

We can even box wedding gowns upon request, which is ideal for storing and preserving.

Cleaning and preserving your bridal gown as soon as possible ensures that your gown remains in the best condition possible.

Wedding gowns are priced individually based on how elaborate the gown, it’s purchase price and the amount of work required before processing.

Please call us on 604 574 5433 for more information on cleaning and prices.

Alternatively email us at [email protected] giving us a full description of your wedding gown: the make, material, style, whether it is badly stained, whether it has a train, etc. With this information we can usually provide fairly accurate pricing estimates without seeing the dress.

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